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We propose eco-guidance an ecotourism in the great rain forest of Gabon, Central Africa. A journey to meet pristine nature and living people. below are recommendations of people, professionals who thrusted us:


WCS Gabon
BP 7847, Libreville, Gabon
Tel: (241) 444039
Monday 4th October 2004


To whom it may concern,

We employed Hugues Obiang Poitevin (Tatayo) as Cultural Consultant on a tour of Gabon. Our objective was to give a voice to the population living near or around the 13 new national parks and to film and record some of the last examples of the dances and songs of these indigenous people.

The importance of Hugues contribution is difficult to express. He provided a invaluable link between our team and the people of the villages. His gentle manner, profound understanding of local traditions and his respect for their culture facilitated our job and improved our result.

It is easy for me to recommend Hugues in the capacity of fixer, diver, logistician, dancer, healer, and general support for keeping 14 people together for 5000 km over 6 weeks.

It would not have been the same without him.

Yours sincerely


Josh Ponté
Chef de Communication
WCS Gabon

From Utrech University
June-July 2004
Shoot of African part for the film ‘IBOGAINE-Rite of Passage’

At the end of June of 2004, we went to Gabon in Central West Africa for 2 weeks, to film a traditional Bwiti initiation for the documentary project we were making called ‘Ibogaine-Rite of Passage’. During the preparation of the shoot in Gabon, everybody was saying “don’t go there, it’s dangerous” or “what if they steal your equipment”. I even got a paper on my desk that came from the website of the government of Belgium, which was a negative advise to go to Gabon...too dangerous. I must say that all these warnings made me a bit nervous about what we were about to experience, but without that footage my film would not be complete, we had to go, no matter what.
I arranged everything via a German couple, Uwe Maas and Süster Strubelt, who were initiated at a Mitsogho tribe in Mitoné, close to Lambaréné. They got me in touch with Tatayo Missoba (aka Hughes Poitevin) of Ebando. He is French man, who speaks English and French and lives in Gabon for more than 35 years. As this was a student project, we didn’t have enough money to take a soundman with us and have a guide there, so we decided that the guide was more important than the soundman and left him at home...that was a very good decision.
We arrived in the early morning at the airport in Libreville. Our mobile phones weren’t working, so we used one of somebody at the airport and called Tatayo. Then we had problems at the customs, ‘cause they didn’t want to let us in with our equipment, even though we had official permits to film from the minister of communication. Just outside of the airport we met Tatayo and some other people who would come with us to the initiation. Very tired, we relaxed a bit at the festival-like terrain of Ebando, just next to the see. Very relaxing...and very moist and hot.
Next day we went to the ministry of communication and the Centre National de Cinématography, and with the help of Tatayo, we got our equipment back without paying.
It was time to take off to Lambaréné, where we stayed in an abbee, which was much cheaper than a hotel. From the moment we left Libreville, to the moment we took the plane back home, it was magic. The few difficulties we had with the communication with the locals and police posts, became insignificant because we had someone with us who knows Gabon inside out. In every village there were people shouting “Hé, Tatayo!!!”. We saw a Gabon that you cannot experience when you go there without any knowledge and contacts.
We had absolutely no problem with our equipment, felt completely safe...and had a very strong personal experience of witnessing a world that was completely unknown to us. And most important, we got the footage we needed, which came out very nice.
The only sad experience was to take the plane back took me more than a week to figure out what the fuck I was doing in Holland after I got home.
For everybody that wants to experience the real Gabon, the real Bwiti, there is only one person I can advise you to guide you during your journey...Tatayo!

Ben De Loenen
(aka Mwana Gonde)

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