"GABON is the Tibet of Africa"!

....... said Prince de BIRINDA Author of "LA BIBLE SECRETE des NOIRS"
...Because of the many spiritual and healing rites practised every day in
our marvellous country.

The land of unusual eco tourism for its natural and cultural BIODIVERSITY !

Access for passionates to forests’ spirits, therapies and skills...

...Door to fundamental discoveries.


- Yellow fever vaccination
- Anti Malaria tablets: Doxy ou Co arinate
Nota :Lariam is not allowed

- 2/3 long sleeves shirts
- Double sheets sewed as a sleeping bag
- 2 bath towels



- Have Euros in cash with you, as ATM cash withdrawals are pretty random.
- You will need pocket money (about 10 euros/day, or 6500 FCFA) for taxi, sodas, souvenirs, etc. The cost of living in Gabon is significantly high.
- It is strongly advised that you carry a little bag to keep your money and passport with you.

Comfort and Hygiene

- Toilet paper is not provided at Ebando association village.


- Get a well ventilated tent to set up on the ground or you can sleep in the dormitory on a mattress and with a mosquito net. Equatorial climate makes it easy to sleep with no blanket.
- The temple is open to the exterior, and doesn't lock. It is however possible to sleep in the temple on a camping mattress and install a mosquito net.

Culture shock

- Gabon has a very strong cultural identity and some behaviours can destabilize the Western man.
- Urban infrastructures operations (banks, hospitals, markets, etc…) and taxi calls may seem complex.
- Tourism in Gabon is few developped. Westerners are a minority, few tourists, and their image is not always positive. It is strongly advised to exercise humility, diligence, and do his best to adapt to the local lifestyle.


- Eband association village is located on the outskirt of Libreville, on the seaside. It can't match the image Westerners have of Africa.
- Forest is an hostile environment to the unprepared Westerner. It is strictly recommended that you do not venture out alone.
- Ebando association village is 5 minutes drive from the airport, and about 20 minutes walk from a small market, or 5 minutes by car.
- You can buy souvenirs from Libreville's craft market.
- The beach is beautiful, but not monitored.


- Food prepared in the Ebando association village is simple but of quality.
- Main dish consists of rice with fish or chicken or beans or local vegetables. Due to a little developed agriculture, fruits and vegetables are expensive in Gabon, as often imported.
- Breakfast consists of bread, butter, jam and coffee or tea.
- The water porposed at the village comes from Gabonese distribution network. It is safe to drink. However if you refused to drink it, it is your responsability to buy bottled water.

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