Simple History of the Organisation:

1981: A group of villagers and university members established the 'Organization for Promoting Agriculture and Culture in Gabonese villages' (APACVI Gabon) and began to work with cooperatives (rural development projects).

1984: There was a need to set up a private enterprise which could support small businesses from its profits.

That was done by Hugues O.P (Tatayo) with the means of the enterprise "Trip Gabon Sarl".
For almost 17 years private funding of small projects
(for instance, funding and logistics of banana plantation with 7500 banana trees for 7 families near Kango).

ANCE or 'EBANDO' would not exist today were it not for the meeting and subsequent bond between two men in a village near Kango: André Nguié Ovono and Hugues Obiang Poitevin.

One night
(August 2nd, 1976) a car broke down and one of the above men went from his car to knock on a nearby door for help (the only visible light in the area that night).
This is when the encounter between the men occurred. André Nguié Ovono is a craftsman, liturgical harpist, an initiated great healer, father and grandfather of 15 children and grandchildren.
Papa André, our dear honorary president, died on December 15, 2017. Peace to his noble soul!

Hugues Poitevin (a French man from Gascogne)has since been renamed Obiang Nzondo MaMissoba with a Gabonese nationality).
Hugues lived for 18 years in France and 35 years in Africa, including 33 years in Gabon.
Consequently, he is a "cultural metis" (cultural mixture). He is currently a haulage contractor in Libreville and father of 3 children.

In April 1993, Hugues and Katy founded "le FESTI-VILLAGE CULTUREL" of La Sabliere in Libreville, a place for initiations, therapies, trainings, art and entertainment such as many cultural rites from the rain forest of Africa including BWITI Disumba/ holy wood (introduced to Hugues in 1979); and BWITI Missoko (introduced in 1994).

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