On September 30th, 1999 during the traditional initiation of a young French man and an indigenous child, a sweet miracle occurred after the evening dance.

The event consisted of an organized program from ANCE of a unique mixture of rites from BWITI Dissumba and BWITI Missoko.

Also notable was the multi-cultural inclusive and spontaneous gathering which included representation of the following: white/black; male/female; north/south; West/East.

At noon of a bright-day and dancing, the Elder of the village, as soon as he had wanted to sit down in the pygmy house "étudi", was attacked by a colony of fleas.

The old dog named Accosta was taken as responsible for the insects' invasion and was caught once more to be taken straight towards the ocean, in order to dump its parasites in the sea.

(Painted by: makapenga@yahoo.fr )


With low tide around midday, in front of Minkoué Mobiang, the witness;
there, between the dog's paw and the man's legs, hence deep in the heart….appeared…. a floating mask.

Firstly identified in water as a bowl of wood; this magnificent genius had come here through the power of a dance performed by 7 ethnic groups from the deep interior of the country and known under the name of "Mvudi".

It had travelled all along the Ogooue River, then along the ocean; his long nose serving him as a drift to stay afloat.
"I've washed my dog and I've met God!" the poet exclaimed.

A respected and deeply involved customary chief, the "MUTAMBA", gave council.
An old man who did not know to whom he could pass on the "Djin" (of his lamp) relied on the decisive power of water (the foundation of all genies, human beings, and deities).

No sooner had 'The Mask' arrived in the village it was named NGENZA (in Punu language), 'ABEL"EBEBELA' (in Fang language), MA-MISSOBA(ebongwé) or 'La VERITE' (in French) by a 10 year-old child initiated that very day.

This painted wooden face, conjuring-up life spirits from the deep forest, came with an open mouth (immersed) and we immediately resurrected it by putting on it a leaf from a fruit tree and our love.
Mamisoba MAGANGA!

It also draws the tongue as humans do, such as Albert Einstein, the Rolling Stones and all children of the world, either mocking, concentrated, or rebelling.
· 'the mask': Hollywood premonitory movie.

- Drawn by Stephanie 8 years old in 1999. -
creation graphique :
Francis Banguet


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