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Nature: We have started and look for partners for projects of plantations, infrastructures developpment in villages to make life in gabonese countryside better, and avoid rural depopulation. Rational use of the medicinal plants of the forest, and support to traditional practice of medecine can also be a very usefull way to promote countryside natural living

Culture is the natural continuation of the previous topic. Medicinal practice leads to bwiti culture, which is a total art. Dancing is Curing is Singing is Weaving is Playing music in the traditional way of living. This cultural patrimony got to be promoted !

Future All those projects have no sense if we don't think and orient them also toward young people living in Gabon ! That's why Ebando have supported, supports and NEED HELP ! to support, send to school or prepare to active life many young people from Gabon

This is the global philosophy the following projects try to make real !!!

Nature: Countryside projects

Different people, having projects of plantations, medicinal plants exploitation... gives life to a few projects, at various degrees of developpment. (to be detailled)

Infrastructures for education of under 15 years old Pygmies of the Oumba Canton in the Ngounie

Culture: In Libreville and countryside

Happening and informations Caravan through Gabon: Ebando has mobile equipment for that !....

Raffia weaving course

Gabonese Traditional Medicinal plants course

Opening of a music recording studio (to tape the incredible gabonese musical patrimony !)

Opening of a traditional ironworks

Canoe for fishing

Chant, dance and traditional ceremonies

Future: Supporting young people in Gabon

Sending young people to school and preparation of active life
for Ebando's "Kids"

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